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This category covers paid engine troubleshooting services offered by Unique Diesel.

Please read completely. The primary purpose of Unique Diesel Marine and this store is enable the continued service of a Peninsular engine through sales of engines, engine components, tools, and paid information and services. There are a great number of these engines deployed domestically and internationally sold through Peninsular Diesel and Peninsular Engines Inc. that were not sold by Unique Diesel. In short this simply means that we cannot provide free information and support for engines and parts sold from another business whose policy was different for the reasons of supporting the products they sold. In an effort to improve customer satisfaction with Peninsular engine products we have adopted paid technical support options for which you can get technical information and help for your Peninsular engine.
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Service - Peninsular Engine Diagnostics
Custom Service Free Shipping.
Service - Peninsular Engine Repair Guidance
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