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Service - Peninsular Engine Technical Subscription
Service - Peninsular Engine Technical Subscription

Service - Peninsular Engine Technical Subscription

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Peninsular Marine Engine Technical Subscription Service

Background Purpose

The main objective is to offer engine support in a similar yet interactive way that a proper Service Manual would. This inclusive support subscription service will provide technical information, how-to guidance, and troubleshooting for the Peninsular Marine engines. This subscription service is necessary because Peninsular Engines Inc. did not maintain a proper service manual for the engine line, which is a major point of contention for those that service engines themselves or professionally and for this business who provides the parts for the engine.

Service as an annual subscription is the only way we are willing to provide technical support for the engines we did not sell, when we had per-incident (by subject) technical support services they were rarely utilized but scrutinized and discontinued as a result. Please do not ask about different options for paid troubleshooting services, they are not offered, only the annual subscription service exists.

Annual Subscription Service

This service will provide remote technical support in the form of remote troubleshooting.

This service will provide paid technical services through access to a technician for an interactive question and answer panel by email and when available access to a developing online portal of information. The primary priority of this service is the availability of 1 on 1 troubleshooting discussions, the secondary priority is providing documentation and guides online. Limitations may exist for customers outside of the USA.

The service is like insurance which can be extremely valuable in a time of need. Due to the overall value of the engine itself, the service amount for this subscription service represents a small percentage. Through support of this subscription service online article development will occur.

Service will not renew automatically. Renewals are available at request of customer after an expiration to maintain same pricing.

Additional Benefits of the Service (VIP Service)

This service offers additional VIP benefits in addition to the access to support information for your engine

Subscription members get access to accelerated shipping processes. Components needed for repair and maintenance can be purchased on the website and be received in less time. Members are excluded from the once per week shipping window and shipments will be processed as soon as possible instead of the Monday of the following week after an order. Members are also allowed the use of Express shipping (Next Day Air and 2-Day Services for the USA) services not offered to standard customers.

Parts for repairs and maintenance can be added to a customer's online store cart for checkout to assist a customer in including all the components needed for a repair.

Customer Type - Select the type of customer

There is a selection for the type of customer that is eligible for this service. Choose the customer type that applies for the offering of this service. Mechanics who service multiple vessels with or without Peninsular engines must select the correct option of the subscription service. Typically this service applies to one vessel. This service is non-transferable to another customer.

Access to use this Service

Once the service is purchased, you will use your store account to login to specific location on this website. The same user account used to make purchases on the website will be used to login to the paid technical support portal. This portal will allow you to submit a current inquiry about the problem you are needing assistance with. Login is required to begin the email conversation about a specific subject, replies will not require a login, just the initiation of the subject-specific conversation. Use of email is required as is the proficiency to use it. Phone calls will not be offered.

Service Limitations

This service is Non-Refundable. This service does not guarantee resolution of problems, service only provides access to discuss technical issues with technical contacts. Service excludes access to information that is classified as proprietary by Unique Diesel, who reserves the right to asses what information is proprietary. Examples that are proprietary are technical specifications for fuel system components, internal specifications of parts that are sold as complete assemblies, and information on parts sourcing such as parts interchange compatibility. If a question of whether information is available when considering the service, contact customer service prior to purchase and ask.

Service is only to be used for vessels properly equipped with a Peninsular Diesel engine. Properly equipped means the engine was in service in the vessel to propel the vessel. Issues with marine transmissions and props are not eligible with this service. Service cannot be used for adaptations and re-powers where a vessel is having a Peninsular engine installed in place of another engine.

This service will not support non-original components. Non-original components are components that were not sold by Peninsular Engines Inc., or provided as part of an engine assembly by Peninsular Engines Inc., or sold by UDMarine. If components involved in the area suspected as causing the problem and are non-original sourced items then the items will be required to be replaced with original components before troubleshooting can continue. Fuel system components to be tested will only be eligible for testing by UDMarine, testing by other resources will not be accepted and component will still be considered defective which stops troubleshooting processes.

Original and replacement long blocks are supported with proof of authenticity. A long block engine sourced from another source will be excluded from all support diagnostics in the area of performance and emissions concerns including fuel system timing procedures. Aftermarket long block assemblies lack proper components and accessories to operate correctly with Peninsular equipment configuration and cannot be supported with this service.

Components identified as needing to be replaced during troubleshooting to resolve the reported problem must be sourced from UDMarine. Specialty tools sold by UDMarine must be used in the proper service of the engine for the troubleshooting. If components are not sourced from UDMarine troubleshooting will not continue for requested problem area until original components are purchased, provided and installed.

Customer Limitations

Customer agrees that this service will be utilized by the account holder on the website only, restricted to that one individual. Customer will agree to non-disclosure. This service is not available to organizations or service centers who are involved in marine repair and or engine re-manufacturing. An authorized Peninsular Engine service center is available to service engines and will be recommended when repairs and procedures are identified as too extensive for field repair.