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This page is being provided to both provide a resource to marine mechanics who are currently servicing or interested in servicing Peninsular marine engines. This page will also be used to provide a resource to customers to find a Unique Diesel authorized service provider who works on Peninsular series marine engines. A mechanics program is being created to begin to provide better mechanics support the Peninsular engine owners world-wide, this is a work in progress.

Additionally (related), Unique Diesel is looking for a USA parts distributor for handle Peninsular parts and engine services.

Marine Mechanics Program

Currently experienced in working on Peninsular marine engines? Were you formerly a marine mechanic resource for Peninsular Engines Inc.? Interested in becoming a service technician for Peninsular engines? If so, then this is the resource for you. Unique Diesel is in search of qualified and experienced marine mechanics interested in Diesel engines.


Beyond the resource of increasing your customer base, Unique Diesel will be able to offer personalized support for your business to service Peninsular Engines.

  • Technical support questions answered (normally paid support)
  • Phone technical support when scheduled
  • Training on engine types, applications, and operating hardware
  • Recommendations on parts and upgrades
  • Discounts on replacement parts & tools (10% or more discount on most parts)
  • Reduced longblock, refurbished engine, and complete new engine pricing
  • Preferential handling and express shipping options

  • Marine mechanic, 3 Years experience, established business
  • Marine business employing certified mechanics, like above
  • Certifications: Prefer ABYC diesel certifications, accept others
  • Willing to place your company information and contact on this website
  • Must follow Unique Diesel's engine specification and repair procedures
  • Agree to a non-compete and sole-source agreement for Peninsular engine parts

If so, use the contact page on this store and make contact with us and we will proceed.
Tip: Select Mechanics Program for type of inquiry to get answered correctly.

Owners & Customers with Peninsular engines

There are plenty of mechanics that perform services on Peninsular engines, likely someone in your area. These mechanics may not be aware of your vessel or that Unique Diesel has taken over the Peninsular product line. The program mentioned on this page is to encourage more mechanics to adopt working on these engines, and Unique Diesel wants to create a high standard of workmanship by mechanics. This program helps to do both, obtain more mechanics and provide mechanics the correct information to perform repairs, replacements and upgrades professionally.

If you already have a mechanic, please inform them of this service to benefit them and begin a relationship with Unique Diesel.

Please bare with us as we implement this resource, which will naturally take time to re-establish a certified service base for this platform. Service providers will begin to be populated below this information on this same page as they are available. If you don't see any this means that we don't currently have any recommendations.