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How 2 Buy

Follow these general instructions on how to purchase from Unique Diesel - Marine. This store has been setup to serve customers who have The Peninsular marine diesel engine also known as The Beast inboard marine diesel engine. Many of the components necessary for repair are available via this online store.

To view pricing and make purchases you will need to register for an account. Upon completing registration your account will immediately be active and you can purchase marine components.

Worth noting: this website is compatible with mobile devices such as phones, for use in a pinch, but like most websites out there the experience will be much better on a full computer...

Once registered, visit this link to better understand the part number system and how to find products on this website:

Here is how you register for an account for Mobile Users or click link for Computer & Tablet Users

Step 1 - Select dots, then tap My Account

Step 2 - Tap on Create Account

Step 3 - Fill in all fields with a star beside them as a minimum

Step 4 - Complete fields, engine or boat info, then click Register.

Here is how you register for an account for Computer or Tablet users.

Step 1 - Click on My Account in top bar, or at the top-right of the page.

Step 2 - Fill in all fields with stars as a minimum.

Step 3 - Complete fields, engine or boat info, then click Register

Tips on finding the right parts you are looking for on this website.

The first step to finding the correct parts are to use the Engine Components Manual that came with the engine, vessel or was purchased separately. This manual is available in printed format, and is available here if you would like to own a copy and don't already have one. This manual is extremely important as it allows you to read all the current part descriptions that match this website and shows the detail diagrams that correspond to parts. The Engine Components Manual was updated at the same time this website was being written to match. Older manuals have many of the same part numbers but the descriptions will vary.

Once you have the components manual there are some things that will help you find more on this website.

Because the Peninsular marine engines were initially 6.2L engines and then later became 6.5L engines there are many parts that interchange with both engines. The base long blocks are dramatically different, but the external marine components are virtually the same, but with some parts being offered when the engines evolved.

Paying attention to the starting 3 numbers of the part number of the below you will see things that will help you identify whether a part is just for a 6.2, fits both 6.2 and 6.5 or is just for 6.5 engines. This is helpful to know as not all parts are identified whether they fit which unit in the descriptions, many are though. If the description and part number don't indicate compatibility it's likely the part fits both engines, you can also ask us to confirm.

620xxxx - These parts only apply to 6.2L engines (usually internal parts of the engine)
625xxxx - These parts apply to both 6.2L and 6.5L engines
650xxxx - These parts only apply to 6.5L engines

Finding parts on the website.


All of the parts are categorized into systems, parts can be found by browsing the categories which also can lead to finding other related and needed parts.


The website will accept searches to narrow out a parts location on the store, you can search by description of the part and more accurately by the part's part number.


All of the part numbers on the store are a link (or url). Knowing this you can navigate to a specific part by typing it's part number after the store name in your browser's address bar. Separate with a "/" to make


This will get you the Engine Components Manual.