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Unique Diesel provides an exchange warranty for many of the products it provides.

The majority of the products sold on Unique Diesel - Marine are manufactured in the USA and are products selected for their superior serviceability. In short, items sold on are high quality, warranty service is nearly unnecessary.

The warranty duration and type is noted with product descriptions at the place of purchase on the website and for specific types of products here on this page. For products (merchandise) sold by Unique Diesel an exchange warranty applies whereby Unique Diesel reserves the right to replace. All warranty service requires the item be returned and in Unique Diesel's possession for consideration. Replacements sent out before original is returned is not allowed. Shipping expenses are not covered under warranty services. When a defective product is replaced and the replacement shipped out, Unique Diesel will cover only outgoing shipping expenses to provide the replacement product. Type of shipping service used for replacement items is determined by Unique Diesel. The warranty start date on original purchase applies to replacement items. Warranty is non-transferable for all products sold.

Reminder: warranty on products sold only covers part, never any reimbursement for time, labor, diagnostic, etc. Unique Diesel assumes no product liability as indicated in our Liability Policy.

Engines and Longblocks

New Longblock
No Warranty when installed by end user.

New Longblock  with Fuel System
90-Days with all supporting components purchased with unit and core returned.

Remanufactured Longblock
6-Month Rebuilder's Warranty, coverage and terms handled directly through the rebuilder.

Refurbished Engines & Complete New Engines
1-Year Parts Warranty

Longblock warranty is a repair or replace warranty that requires the whole Marine engine that the longblock was installed with to be sent to Unique Diesel for complete diagnosis and disassembly. Because external components and workmanship assembling the whole engine can contribute to a longblock's falure we must be able to inspect the components and workmanship the longblock was assembled into a marine engine with. Engine oil filter and line setup must remain with engine and not disassembled in any way. Warranty only covers properly a deployed Peninsular Marine Engine (all factory equipment used), longblocks can only be covered when used with Peninsular equipment, all other marine (Non-Peninsular Marine) or non-marine usage carry no warranty.

Refurbished engine warranty is limited to parts only for parts that were replaced or re-manufacured by Unique Diesel. Does not cover parts that are re-used for the refurbishing process.

Complete new engine warranty is limited to a parts only warranty and does not cover labor for minor repairs. Major repairs (those requiring an engine to be removed from the vessel) a $1500 maximum labor expense (to remove and replace the engine in vessel) is covered in the event the engine has a failure that is a manufacturing defect necessitating repair or replacement. Unique Diesel reserves the right to diagnose and repair units to be returned back to service.

Electronic Devices

New Electrical Components
90-Days exchange warranty on electrical components.

New Wiring and Connectors
90-Days exchange warranty on electrical connections and wiring solutions.

External Engine Components

Bolt-On and install able engine components are warranted through Unique Diesel for the following terms. All warranty claims must have documentation (pictures) of item in it's installed manner and be returned to Unique Diesel for evaluation.

New Turbochargers
90-Day exchange warranty on new genuine turbocharger assemblies, must be evaluated to find the cause failure before warranty is offered. Unique Diesel will either repair or replace item if found to be at fault. Turbo failure due to excessive heat (damaged turbine blades) shrapnel damage or issues with lubrication system are not covered. Turbos returned will be inspected by an authorized turbo re-manufacturer for a professional evaluation.

New Turbo Accessories
90-Days exchange warranty on turbocharger related components.

Fuel System Components

Fuel Injection pumps, supply pumps, and fuel injectors are considered major fuel system components and are covered under the following standard warranties and limitations.

New fuel injection pumps carry a 6-month warranty if not bench tested and a 1-year warranty if bench tested documented. Re-manufactured fuel injection pumps carry a 1-year warranty from invoice date.

Fuel injectors and lift pumps carry a 90-day standard mechanical warranty.

Limitations for warranty provisions mentioned above is that injection pumps must not be tampered in with in any way, tale-tale marks and tabs for example. Pumps returned for warranty will be inspected internally for contaminates from poor fuel filtration, any contaminates found will be documented and warranty service will be denied. Customer will be responsible for inspection labor and return costs, or opt for paid repair of unit. Fuel injectors and lift pumps will also be inspected for evidence of contaminate damage (scoring etc.) and denied warranty coverage if contaminate evidence or actual contaminates found

Internal Engine Components

Internal Engine Components once used (used is anything beyond unpacking the part, test fitting is considered used) are not returnable. Please inspect internal engine components sold prior to their installation. Items not returnable include Pistons & Rings, Gaskets & Seals, Connecting Rods, Oil Pumps, Hydraulic Lifters, Crankshafts, Camshafts, Pushrods, Timing Chain Sets, and ALL Engine Bearings.

Exchange warranty for items found defective at receipt only, other scenarios carry no warranty.

Used Components

For all used items, a 30-Day exchange warranty applies. This is a limited warranty based on fit and function.

Things that void any above mentioned warranty

  • Items altered in any way (welding, cutting, bending etc.)
  • Tamper indicators tampered
  • Items sold on this store used for non-marine purpose.
  • Electronic devices subjected to water damage
  • No proof of purchase on non-serialized items.
  • Engine and Head Heat Tabs damaged or missing