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Refurbished Assemblies

Unique Diesel marine knows extensively how to properly rebuild to near-new condition a Peninsular engine. On this page you'll find and learn about what services we provide existing Peninsular engine owners in regard to restoring their Peninsular power plant.

Above is a Refurbished Peninsular engine displaying the workmanship that goes into restoring these engines back to excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. Near new condition, with many new and used components.

Why have Unique Diesel Rebuild?

Simply put: We know this engine inside and out and there is no one else around that is more qualified and experienced in making things right than the actual manufacturer of these engines (that's US).

As a boat owner considering repair and replacement of an engine, consider the value in having the engine correctly rebuilt and upgraded without the unknowns. Each engine assembly is professionally rebuilt using correct materials and processes. The engine is then test run at our facility to ensure that the engine is without leaks, runs properly, timing is set for performance and emissions and is known right before it re-enters the vessel.

As a boat mechanic, consider the headaches you'll avoid by having the manufacture worry about parts sourcing and the logistics of cleaning, parts inspection, assembly and testing. Avoid putting an unknown into service only to be responsible to the customer for any defects. There are many assembly surprises surrounding the different generations of engine you may be working on, and certain updates you won't be aware of. Compounding this whole issue is that Peninsular Diesel never maintained a service manual to assist in assembly and take apart, that makes it harder, much harder. Much simpler to remove and replace when engine is ready.

What's included in our Service?

Each engine assembly is taken completely apart, all marine components will receive some form of cleaning process from bead, soda, sand, and chemical. This allows us to take the parts that will be re-used back to the base material for proper inspection and future painting. Parts too far gone are simply replaced with new. Components that are re-used that can be pressure tested are also tested for leaks and defects that will affect usability.

Each complete refurbished assembly will receive a new longblock, as seen already on this store. This will be the basis, so the heart of the engine assembly will be brand new. We won't mess around with rebuilding an already worn out engine with likely known defects to the year range the engine resembles. 6.2L engines will automatically be upgraded to 6.5L engines with this process.

Other wear items about the engine are replaced. All hosing and hose assemblies are replaced, the turbocharger is discarded and replaced with new current generation (likely an upgrade from previous unit you have). The air cleaner assembly (yeah that rusty thing you have some foam on) will be replace with a new assembly with new foam element. The heat exchanger (radiator) will also be replaced with the premium CN version of the cooler, won't even bother testing your old, it'll be discarded. The oil and transmission coolers (standard) will be replaced as well. Most wear items, the engine coolant pump and sea water pump will also be replaced with new units. Electrically the engine will receive a new alternator and new starter (and be upgraded to gear reduction and soft-start system). The engine will also receive a new wiring harness and the update components to the glow plug timer setup. Instructions will be provided to integrate the improved glow plug control into existing instrument panel. The fuel system will also be replaced including a new injection pump, injectors, and injection lines (likely very rusty on yours). The exhaust outlet (aluminum 90 off the turbo to the exhaust system) is also included, excludes stainless steel models or non-Peninsular outlets (must match units in our store).

What's re-used are the exhaust manifolds, crossover, the bellhousing, the brackets, the intake manifolds, pulleys, fuel and emissions tubing, lots of bolts, oil pan, and the aftercooler assembly is taken apart and cleaned pressure tested and re-assembled.

Optionally, you can specify just replace all the marine exhaust manifolds for a pro-rated fee, and the after cooler assembly for a pro-rated fee.

What's all this cost?

As you've read above, an extensive amount of labor is involved in restoring these engines, and an extensive amount of new components are used to make this a nearly new engine as the wear items are replaced with a clock of zero.

Lead time is approximately 8 week once your unit is received.

Fixed price includes the possibility of one failed exhaust manifold will be replaced without increase.

Pricing excludes missing items from engines, requested manifold replacements, aftercooler replacements and upgrades from 6.2L engines to 6.5L equipment. Excludes cost of shipping and crating for shipment.

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