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Engine - New Replacement Longblock Marine 18:1 6.5L with Fuel System
Engine - New Replacement Longblock Marine 18:1 6.5L with Fuel System

Engine - New Replacement Longblock Marine 18:1 6.5L with Fuel System

Build to Order: Ships in 6-8 Weeks
Part Number:6500101F
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New 6.5L Marine OEM engine for all Peninsular Inboard engines, replaces 6.5L Turbo Marine Inboard engines.

This longblock assembly with Fuel System replaces 400 Series Only

This longblock product is only intended for replacement use with the 400 Series Peninsular engines, which are 6.5L and were produced from 1994 on up. This product option does not apply to 379 Series Peninsular 6.2L engines due to age and various obsolete configurations the 6.2 underwent. For 6.2 upgrade replacement support we recommend having the authorized rebuilder perform the changes using the bare longblock products only.

This is the preferred longblock replacement option because the engine is test run, new engine, new fuel system, everything is correct to run. Fuel system is tested and calibrated, and when engine is run the fuel injection timing is dialed in. Engine is ready to be dressed with your properly cleaned and inspected marine components for service. 

Note about Fuel Systems: when an engine is replaced, the old fuel system components should be replaced or rebuilt as by the time the engine is worn out, so are those components.

Current Peninsular Marine Engine Model VS Replacement Peninsular Engine Level

Keep in mind that your current power level engine has been configured to match the vessel and the marine gear transmission. The equipment on the engine matches the original level only. Many engine configurations were matched set with engine, marine gear and prop configuration. The different power levels were available from Peninsular even with similar engine equipment to adapt to the vessel and marine gear limitations. To change power levels from similar engines like a 270 to a 310 could lead to marine gear and related component failure quickly. Power level changes from what was originally equipped are also not covered under warranty due to damage to longblock that can be caused by insufficient engine hardware or from a marine gear transmission or drive failure.

New Replacement Longblock With Fuel System Includes:

  • Engine Longblock Assembly (engine, timing cover, balancer, covers, lift brackets)
  • Temporary oil pan to be replaced with your Marine Aluminum pan.
  • Block Heater (120 volt)
  • Oil Filter (filter and filter fitting)
  • New Fuel Injection Pump, Lines and Injectors, and mounting.
  • Fuel Lift Pump (pump, mounting plate, push rod)
  • Fuel Injection Line Hardware Mounting
  • New Glow Plugs (standard 12v systems only).
  • Timing Tab for Marine Mechanical Injection Pump
  • Block valley drain tube (safety component)
  • New Copper Nickel Engine Oil Cooler (must use).
Engine features all metric fasteners, so if replacing a Pre-1999 model Peninsular Engine, please inquire about a metric fastener kit necessary for replacing your existing engine.

This engine assembly will not accept turbo oil drain plate that mounts to the center of the block that was used on very late model Peninsular Engines from around 2010 to 2017 models. This can be adapted to the former turbo oil drain system where hose is used to connect to the side of the oil pan.

Recommended Components to Accompany New Longblock:

  • Engine Oil Cooler (included)
  • Aftercooler Gasket (aftercooler internal inspection/cleaning) *In Gasket Set
  • Air Filter Element
  • Thermostats - Engine and Bypass
  • Sea Water Pump Impeller
  • Engine Circulating Water Pump
  • Heat Exchanger (strongly recommend with new engine to replace)
  • Transmission Cooler (can be a restriction in cooling)
  • Turbocharger (fully rebuild or replace).
Note about replacement components: The components recommended to be replaced or re-manufactured (if re-buildable) are for the purpose of durability of the engine, these items are the minimum you should consider replacing, there are much more items (like hoses) that should be replaced but can be optionally sourced. Fuel system components are included because when an engine is due for replacement the fuel system components are worn out as well. Defective fuel system components (pump and injectors) can cause prompt damage to a new engine and will cause the engine to perform poorly if not absolutely correct.


These new engines have been assembled with these fuel system components and test-run ensuring proper assembly and component functions. The engine assembly gets test run with the options for end engine usage. Injection pump is carefully bench tested and precision calibrated for every power level selected with matching injectors. Injection timing is verified correct per our specification and engine is ready to be dressed with your properly cleaned and inspected marine components for service. This partial engine assembly includes a 6-Months parts Warranty that starts upon delivery of engine, valid only when used with original inboard Peninsular equipment and application, and with proper core return. Retrofits and Re-powers replacing engines other than a Peninsular engine are not eligible for warranty. Changes (increases or decreases) in HP level from original engine to the replacement are not eligible for warranty as this causes equipment mismatch (engine equipment and gear/prop) that can cause damage to the replacement engine. This unit does not service other makes of 6.5L marine engines. Core engine must be returned to Unique Diesel within 60 Days of receipt of new engine, any warranty claims cannot occur without core engine having been returned.

Payment and Shipping

This item is available for purchase via traditional payments only (no cards please). During checkout you'll be presented with an option to "Check / MO / ACH / Wire / CC" where you will have a blank to specify how you would like to manually pay, example Wire for Wire Payment. After checkout you will be emailed banking information for the Wire if that's what you selected. You will have 1 week to remit payment for Cash Value payment.

Select the shipping option that meets your need. Items with shipping amounts are for Continental USA shipments only. Flat rate shipping is provided as courtesy and we cannot provide alternative shipping estimates, please select an option provided. Shipments to Non-Continental USA States and International ship via Cargo or Air Freight. Shipping estimates for Air and Cargo can be provided prior to order, but please provide complete address an delivery type, we will use that estimate with your order invoiced separately.

Mandatory Core Engine Return Process

Warranty on the new engine assembly requires that the core engine with fuel system is returned to Unique Diesel within 60-days of receipt of new engine. Core engine must be dressed in the same way that the new engine was received. Briefly: core must be a complete assembled longblock engine, with proper marine fuel system. Package core engine into shipping crate that the replacement engine arrived in and have engine inside protective bag. Notify Unique Diesel that the engine is ready to be picked up by the freight carrier and we'll arrange pickup (Continental USA only). For exported engines, return core to your freight forwarder in the Continental USA and we will retrieve from their location. When received we will inspect and remit remainder of core charge not utilized by return shipping expense. Residential lift-gate service is not available for core service, the nearest freight terminal will given for you to drop-off.

Note: If you do not intend to return the core you can checkout and select the option of no core with the understanding that no warranty services can be offered.

Engine Preparation Options.

Select the option that suits the need the first default option is to prepare engine for manifold usage, if engine must be shipped via air freight, specify this as this is a run engine with engine oil shipped in the crankcase because engine has been run and oil system fully primed for use.

Gasket Set for Longblock.

Longblock Gasket Set is a select-able option during this longblock purchase, this gasket set is only available with the purchase of a longblock and not available separately outside of a longblock purchase. Be sure to add this option if you would like the set with all the gaskets you'll need to deploy this longblock with Peninsular Marine equipment.

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