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Engine - New Replacement Longblock Marine 18:1 CR 6.5L
Engine - New Replacement Longblock Marine 18:1 CR 6.5L

Engine - New Replacement Longblock Marine 18:1 CR 6.5L

Build to Order: Ships in 6-8 Weeks
Part Number:6500101
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New 6.5L Marine OEM engine for all Peninsular Inboard engines, replaces 6.2L and 6.5L Turbo Marine Inboard engines only.

This is the latest version of the Peninsular Marine longblock engine with significant improvements from 6.2 and Pre-2001 model 6.5L Marine engines, includes steel (forged) crankshaft. This is a proprietary engine that is produced by Unique Diesel for use in Marine applications only. Depending on supply receipt of engine is 6-8 weeks, this is a build to order only unit.


  • Engine Longblock Assembly (engine, timing cover, balancer, covers, lift brackets)
  • Temporary oil pan to be replaced with your Marine Aluminum pan.
  • Block Heater (120 volt)
  • Oil Filter (filter and filter fitting)
  • Timing Tab for Marine Mechanical Injection Pump
  • Block valley drain tube (safety component)
Engine features all metric fasteners, so if replacing a Pre-1999 model Peninsular Engine, please inquire about a metric fastener kit necessary for replacing your existing engine.

This engine assembly will not accept turbo oil drain plate that mounts to the center of the block that was used on very late model Peninsular Engines from around 2010 to 2017 models. This can be adapted to the former turbo oil drain system where hose is used to connect to the side of the oil pan.

6.2L engine aluminum oil pan will not fit the 6.5L block, you will either need to source a machine shop to modify your 6.2L pan or need to purchase a new oil pan to update to the 6.5L engine.

Recommended Components to Accompany New Longblock:

  • Engine Oil Cooler (old cooler cannot be properly cleaned, must replace).
  • Aftercooler Gasket (aftercooler internal inspection/cleaning)
  • Air Filter Element
  • Thermostats - Engine and Bypass
  • Sea Water Pump Impeller
  • Engine Circulating Water Pump
  • Glow Plugs
  • Fuel Injection Pump should be rebuilt or replaced
  • Fuel Injectors should be replaced with our re-manufacured or new units.
  • Injection pump should be degree timed (no timing by ear).
Note about replacement components: The components recommended to be replaced or re-manufactured (if re-buildable) are for the purpose of durability of the engine, these items are the minimum you should consider replacing, there are much more items (like hoses) that should be replaced but can be optionally sourced. Fuel system components are mandatory because when an engine is due for replacement the fuel system components are worn out as well. Defective fuel system components (pump and injectors) can cause prompt damage to a new engine and will cause the engine to perform poorly if not absolutely correct. Pump and Injection components should only be sourced through Unique Diesel as we are the only source that can properly rebuild, replace and calibrate Peninsular pumps.


To be clear there is no warranty on this item, due to the vast combinations of external issues that can occur to damage a perfectly good engine that make diagnosing the root cause of a potential failure difficult there is no warranty. If you require a warranty you should source a mechanic or installer that is capable of offering a warranty on their work and parts. Request an authorized assembler or rebuilder.

Payment and Shipping

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Select the shipping option that meets your need. Items with shipping amounts are for Continental USA shipments only. Flat rate shipping is provided as courtesy and we cannot provide alternative shipping estimates, please select an option provided. We do not provide quotations for export shipments outside of the USA. Please source a capable Freight Forwarder in the USA that we can ship to, they can then ship to your country. Take note of the engine preparation requirement for export engines where the forwarder uses Air Freight.

Engine Preparation Options.

Engine can be ground in specific areas to prepare clearance for Peninsular Marine Manifolds, requires un-crating engine and performing operation. If unit is being shipped via Air Freight (typically international) the engine must be free of oil, new engines come with break-in oil in the pan, so engine much be un-crated and drained of oil and a new filter installed (that is dry).

Gasket Set for Longblock.

Longblock Gasket Set is available on the store separately.

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