Posting 6/20/2022

At this time the website has been discontinued as several changes have occurred concerning the Marine product line.

Currently, components previously available are no longer being sold directly to the consumer (to the public) via this business division. For a number of reasons this has occurred.

While components may be available in the future, they will need to be made available from a distributor. In the beginning of July contact information and a more formal offering of options will be placed on this website for consideration. Basically there are some options ranging from identifying and transitioning inventory to a distributor who will handle customer orders and fulfillment and all customer support for items. Other options include a change of ownership of the entire product line should that be desired.

If you are currently seeking components, we encourage you to seek out your preferred Marine components distributor and request (and or demand) them taking on Peninsular components. As mentioned in July we will be entertaining distributor options, so potential distributors can contact us as we will be contacting other identified options for this.

Thank you for your interest in Peninsular components.