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Marine Turbocharger Assembly 5E980 (all inboard engines)
Marine Turbocharger Assembly 5E980 (all inboard engines)

Marine Turbocharger Assembly 5E980 (all inboard engines)

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Part Number:6250340
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All units that could be produced with available components have been pre-sold as of 6/15/24. Surprising! Currently producing more sub-components to produce more turbos, no more back orders allowed currently.

One of the major components affecting production of the turbo has been produced. This is a limited run as some other components are only available in low quantity. Due to those waiting we may only be able to sell a limited amount of units before we run out, then wait a 6-8 week lead time before more can be sold.

This is the complete marine turbocharger used on 6.5L marine engines and replaces all former versions of the turbo used on the 6.2L marine engine. When considering replacement or repair of your turbocharger, we recommend complete replacement verses rebuilding as many components after many years of service are beyond repair, the most economical is a complete replacement.

This turbocharger is our latest version with numerous improvements since Unique Diesel resumed and took over production of the unit. Most improvements made by returning an item to blueprint spec and maintaining engineering tolerances on finished product. This turbo is more efficient than the previous loose version produced by Peninsular. The turbo is a quality USA Produced item with proper components.

We have discontinued the offering of all replacement parts for the turbo except the cartridge, the turbo is only sold as an assembly and will be the primary way components are available.

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