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Heat Exchanger - Premium Cupro Nickel High Efficiency
Heat Exchanger - Premium Cupro Nickel High Efficiency

Heat Exchanger - Premium Cupro Nickel High Efficiency

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Part Number:2340154
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Genuine Original Equipment (OE) PN 2340154 heat exchanger optionally found on Peninsular series engines. This is the premium long-lasting quality Copper Nickel also referred to as Cupro Nickel. This CN exchanger is beneficial for use in climates where sea water may be harsher or warmer water temperature sea climates where the sea water affects are accelerated. This is a high-efficiency exchanger capable of cooling 160HP NA to 340HP TA Peninsular Marine engines. Made in the USA! Our 2340154 CN cooler is the absolute best quality replacement heat exchanger available for problem free installation and dependable service.

  • Heat exchanger
  • Zincs (double capacity)
  • Proper low-pressure cap

Additional notes about Copper vs Copper Nickel. Standard copper which a lot of coolers are made of is good for marine environments but is only partially resistant to the elements of salt water. The effects of a failed heat exchanger vary from simple engine running warm, leaking externally, loss of antifreeze coolant. The worst failure is salt water in the antifreeze as indicated by test and aluminum components shows corrosion, and usually related to previous symptom of loss of antifreeze. The good news is that the copper nickel version has a much less chance of tube failure because the material is much more resistant to the affects of salt environment than standard copper. Easily twice the life, for nowhere close to twice the cost.

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