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Kit - Replacement Soft Start Relay Assembly
Kit - Replacement Soft Start Relay Assembly

Kit - Replacement Soft Start Relay Assembly

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Part Number:2337913
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Replacement soft-start starter relay system used on Peninsular engines that came factory with a starter that had an integrated solenoid. This was used on direct-drive starters starting with the rear mount counter-clockwise 2nd-generation Delco starter, and continues with all versions of the rear mount counter-clockwise gear reduction starters produced by Peninsular (2-bolt) and Unique Diesel (3-bolt) mounts. This system was also used on all engines that used a lower-mount starter (block mounted versus rear bell-housing mounted).

This product is a new product to provide a replacement resource for engines that have had this assembly removed or modified. Frequently this is discovered during a starter replacement and the new starter will not crank but only clicks or is intermittent, this is because this soft-start system has been removed or rendered non-functional. Previously this assembly was not available for replacement use, portions of this assembly are only available with this kit.

Included with the kit are basic wiring instructions that outline how this connects to existing wiring harness. The instructions included with the kit are the extent of support for wiring-in this component assembly.

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