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Bolt - 4 Stage  Damper Drive Plate
Bolt - 4 Stage Damper Drive Plate

Bolt - 4 Stage Damper Drive Plate

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Part Number:2325801
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This is a fastener used to attach the 4-stage (springs in the middle) drive plate typically used with Borg Warner transmissions. This special fastener allows full thread engagement with the thin plate and is used with a thread locking compound 6250058, nothing else (no washers or lock washers).

Important Application Note:

This fastener version is 1 of 3 possible variants that were the result of the evolution of the engine design throughout the years and the starter drive change when components from the original starter designs changed. Reference the 2340150 starter product page to learn more about identifying starter designs. The last picture on this product page displays the 3 variants of drive plate bolt used.

2325800 is a standard drive plate bolt used primarily on star-shaped Centa drive plates.
2325801 is a modified drive plate bolt used to secure 4-stage plate to flywheel to get full engagement
2325802 is a modified drive plate bolt used with round Centa drive plates and 2nd gen starter on up.

Important take-away from this. Because of the generations of starters used this affects what bolt has to be on the drive and what the starter relationship is. Because the 2nd generation starter could either have the correct drive in it or a replacement drive without necessary clearance, caution must be taken. Because we cannot really advice what combination should work, it would be recommended to use the latest gear reductions starter 2340150 which has no clearance problems with any bolt combination. With current gear reduction 2340150 starter the 2325800 fastener could be used with all drive plate combinations, adding a washer part number 2338418 would enable use with 4-stage plate as well.

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